Coinsource Partners with Halo Privacy to Expand in North Carolina

Coinsource recently announced a new technology partnership with Halo Privacy, adding to their existing Bitcoin ATM network by providing the first two-way (buy and sell) Bitcoin ATM in Durham, North Carolina. This two-way functionality is expanding quickly, allowing Coinsource to serve the growing demand. Coinsource also operates Bitcoin ATM services in Charlotte, North Carolina and over 200 other kiosks in 21 states and the District of Columbia.

“The Halo team brings years of experience in secure communications, both from the government and industrial sectors. We are beyond thrilled to partner with them and to ensure their success”, said Coinsource CEO Sheffield Clark. “We remain committed to expanding our product to service all of the U.S., eventually reaching international status. Halo’s team is made up of highly experienced and trusted security professionals, making them the most appropriate partner for Coinsource, as we enter into this new stage of business practices.”

Halo Privacy has a team of secure communications and cryptocurrency specialists who provide world-class data security services to their clients. With backgrounds in commercial, military, and intelligence fields, they have the skills and experience to ensure top-notch security for their customers. Partnering with Coinsource gives Halo an entry into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and also helps provide Coinsource customers with an added layer of security when using the new Bitcoin ATM kiosks.

Jamie Marden, Director at Halo Privacy, shares his perspective on data security in the cryptocurrency field, “The concept of money has only shifted a few times in human history and I believe we are at one of those tipping points right now. At Halo, we are hugely optimistic about the cryptocurrency space and we see the building of infrastructure as a large part of what will contribute to bringing the next wave of adopters into the marketplace. Partnering with Coinsource to develop BTM networks is a core part of our strategy in the space and they have been outstanding counterparts. We plan to roll out to new markets over the course of 2019 and are excited be contributing to the still nascent cryptocurrency industry.”

Jamie is a Retired Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army where he served as Director, Program Manager, Senior-Level Contracting Officer Representative, and International Healthcare Strategist. Coinsource is proud to be working with this company and this veteran of 13 combat deployments who has been awarded 3 Bronze Stars, and the Combat Medical Badge.

His experience leading, caring for, and teaching elite military teams, task forces, and international host nation populations uniquely equips him for influential leadership roles in the private sector. His managerial, leadership, and team-building skills, along with a tenacious work ethic, make him an outstanding asset to both Halo Privacy and Coinsource. Coinsource is proud to be working with this company and this veteran of 13 combat deployments who has been awarded 3 Bronze Stars, and the Combat Medical Badge.

Coinsource CEO Sheffield Clark and Jamie Marden, Director at Halo Privacy, are available for interview.

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