Want To Get In On the Bitcoin ATM Revenue Stream?

Since the first Bitcoin ATM was brought online in 2014, the number of crypto ATM installations worldwide has grown to well over 4,000 and is climbing rapidly. Almost all of these machines handle Bitcoin, but more and more of them are also dealing in other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin ATMs generate revenue for your retail business.

It’s easy for businesses to get in on the action by installing a Bitcoin ATM at their locations, for the convenience of patrons who want to buy and sell Bitcoin. It’s simple, quick, at no cost to the business owner, and only requires about 2 square feet of space and access to electricity.

Step One – Decide on a Bitcoin ATM Operator to Partner With

Coinsource offers a turn-key solution for businesses who want to take advantage of this opportunity to increase their revenue with no out-of-pocket cost and no work involved. Coinsource is the only Bitcoin ATM manufacturer who is also an operator. And they are the ONLY operator with their own proprietary software, eliminating the headaches that come with third-party providers.

Not all Bitcoin ATM operators are the same, and at Coinsource, compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations has been a top priority. They were the first Bitcoin ATM operator to be granted the highly prized Virtual Currency License from the New York Department of Financial Services. As part of that commitment to compliance, they have implemented state-of-the-art Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes.

It’s important to make the enrollment process easy for customers using a Bitcoin ATM, and Coinsource has state-of-the-art remote enrollment technology. And they also have the best live customer support in the industry.

Coinsource now offers all-in-one kiosks so you can replace your cash ATM with a kiosk that handles cash and cryptocurrency in one convenient place. And all of our ATMs are EMV compliant, which means they adhere to the global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. No matter what type of transaction your customer makes, you earn revenue.

Step Two – Decide on a Location

Any retail location that has high daily foot traffic is an ideal location for a Bitcoin ATM. For help in determining the best location based on demographics and opportunity, you can consult with Coinsource. With over 200 successful installations in the U.S., Coinsource can help you identify the best geographic location for your new kiosks. Convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, malls… anywhere people might logically expect to see a regular ATM is an ideal place to locate your Bitcoin ATM.

Step Three – Market, Market, Market

Let Coinsource help you market this new service you offer your customers. The more people who know about your Bitcoin ATM, the more customers it will draw!

Earn Revenue With No Effort, No Cost

Not all Bitcoin ATM operators offer a turn-key opportunity to add revenue to your bottom line without having to work for it or spend any money. Coinsource services their machines so you don’t have to, using the best cash handling armored car services. All maintenance and customer support is provided by Coinsource. They even provide the internet connection so literally ALL you need to do is provide the space for the kiosk and an electrical outlet.

Contact Coinsource today and begin growing your revenue stream!

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